Back to the Blogosphere

So I have been sitting on this blog idea for six months. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have really been missing writing. I have been blogging off and on since it was a thing, probably 15 years or so. I would get a blog off the ground on one subject or another, admittedly usually fitness or weight loss, and then would lose interest or get self-conscience about the writing itself, or who was reading it or some other silly reason. Now I plan to get back to writing for what it always was for me, a creative outlet and fun.

I don’t know as of yet how often I will post, and I do not have a schedule worked out as of yet. The thing is I have been sitting on the idea for this blog for six months and was analyzing and thinking about it and planning it to death, all different ways to say procrastinating. So spurred on by a buddy, and also inspired by my daughter who is blogging here, I have decided to jump in and start writing, and I will work out a proper schedule as time goes on.

I do not know as of yet how much I am going to publicize this blog, but I am certainly not blogging anonymously or anything. I have for the time being linked to my two Instagram accounts here in the sidebar, so it’s pretty easy to figure out who I am. I am a person that gets 90 percent of my media intake from the internet, and I have worked in the IT industry for the last 20 years, yet I have a love-hate relationship with Social Media, and most days it leans mostly towards hate. The constant drama, negativity, Political and religious arguments just add more negative to my life than it does positive.

Recently while pondering whether to start this blog at all, I have vacillated between attempting to erase my digital footprint to moving my internet presence to a new blog (this one) and my photography sites, to some combination of the two. I guess part of starting to blog again is to have my own sandbox to play in, keep it positive and easy going and limit the drama that is so prevalent on social media sites. So keep on checking this spot and I will work on getting together a regular schedule of posting, and start to nail down the look and feel of the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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