Starting Photos and Accountability Post

My buddy Cory called me out/gave me a not so subtle gentle push to push publish on this blog and start posting an accountability post which he is calling F.A.T. which stands for “Friday Accountability Time.” The idea being posting progress Photos, Fitbit stats, and food stats for the week.

This past Monday I took starting photos for the millionth time, at least that’s what it felt like. I was just taking these for me and had no plans to post them anywhere until I had an after to show the world but here we go…..its not pretty.

March 11 starting photo.jpg

My Weight from my Fitbit Aria:

I will be using Loseit to track my food, and I will attempt to get the weekly summaries sent to me again if possible, I just checked, and I haven’t been receiving the emails since my premium subscription renewed Jan 2. I have not been tracking my calories consistently (read almost at all) over the last six months, and it shows. I’ll see if I can get the emails started again and will post them here.

At the moment I plan to do resistance workouts at home with my 5-50 lbs Powerblock dumbbells, and my resistance bands. I love resistance bands as they are easy on my sore joints (all of em, haha) and I bought a couple of sets of them so I have more than I can use resistance wise. I am not doing a specific program at the time of writing this, but that is subject to change. For the time being, I will be doing resistance workouts on an upper body/lower body split three days a week (subject to change).

Along with the resistance workouts, I will do three focused cardio workouts. These will consist of some combination of stationary bike/skipping/hikes..walks of over 5 km in order to “count” as cardio/YouTube videos/other fitness videos I own.

To supplement my resistance/targeted cardio will be all the walking I can do. Walking is something I have always enjoyed, especially hiking in the woods, but even walking in the neighborhood. I work in IT from home. I sit for 8-10 hours a day from work. I edit photos for my photography or read about photography another 10-20 a week lol. I play games. I sit a lot. This has without a doubt contributed to the current state I am in physically. I had a 200-day stretch last year of at least 10000 steps, and I need to get back to that consistency.

So there we go, that’s where I am. That photo as I said was taken Monday, but going forward I will make my F.A.T. (Friday Accountability Time ) post. I will make these posts each week until I get myself out of the danger zone weight and body fat wise. I am looking long term as far as goals. For example, I want to weigh sub 200 lbs and a sub 36 inch waist. But for the first time in my life I am not going to try and do it overnight, or in 12 weeks.

So basically, here’s what I am going to do. I am going to break up the next year into 3 phases. The First phase will run from today until August 1st 2019. 138 days. I am not going to put as one of my goals for this first phase to lose x amount, or to drop x amount of inches from my waist. Instead I am going to set goals for the actions I wish to undertake. Phase 2 will be Aug 2 til Dec 31st (my 47th bday). Phase 3 will be Jan 2 2020, July 1st. With the aim to be in best shape of my life by then. That is 16 months away and definitely doable.

So Phase 1 goals March 15th – Aug 1st 2019: 138 days, 19.5 weeks

  1. Average 10,000 steps a day or 1,380,000 steps total
  2. 57 resistance workouts, 57 focused cardio workouts (3 each a week, cardio workout for it to count is 20 minute minimum video, 20 min stationary bike/bike ride, or 5 km minimum walk)
  3. Track food at least 114 days (the reason its 114 days is i may implement a “free day”
  4. One Accountability post a week, where my weight, a photo, an update on steps and food is posted, 19 of them, mostly on fridays, but if I am not at home on Friday’s like this upcoming one when i will be in car on way to Montreal I will post on Thursday or Saturday
  5. Average 7 hours sleep a night for the whole challenge (this may be the hardest for me!!!)

So there we go. I think these are simple, actionable goals. Notice I did not say lose x amount of weight I want to lose, but rather on things I can control. If I do these 5 things above, I have faith the waist will go down, and the pounds will come off. Maybe not as fast as I want, but it will happen.

Here we go.

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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