Quick Weekend Wrapup post

It’s been a busy weekend. I got lots of exercise getting this weekend, hitting my ten 10000 steps the first three days of what I am calling Phase 1 (now til Aug 1). While my food choices were not perfect by any stretch, every calorie was counted and logged in Loseit.

I upgraded cameras yesterday, finally able to get my absolute dream camera after litterally saving change and money for over 2 years. Photography is my absolute passion and while I am trying to get my photography website overhauled and back up and running to post most of that stuff, it will bleed onto this blog from time to time.

I usually am chasing sunrises/sunsets and wildlife but in recent months I have expanded my photo subjects and got out of my comfort zone and I am shooting hockey and football for my HS alma matter. It’s a lot of fun, but there is most definately a learning curve. Here are some of the photos i took this weekend.

Captured at Moncton High School on 17 03, 2019 by Shane Leighton Photography.

All but the first one was taken with my iPhone, don’t have the 530 am outing’s photos updated yet from my Nikon so iPhone it is. The trailer is our trailer at our campsite this am, there was ALOT more snow than this at one point haha. I was able to go in the trailer for the first time since October 1st today, as the locks have been frozen shut up until now, its coming! Our trailer is my wife’s and I’s favourite place in the world so there will be lots of posts about, photos of and other odds and ends about the trailer in these here pages!

Alright 515 am came early this am to go chasing sunrises, after getting up at 630 yesterday morning to walk for two hours. Off to bed. Big week coming up with a Road trip to Montreal for a hockey game next weekend. First time Wife and I will have stayed out of province together in 9 years since a trip to Florida except for 4 trips to a little cottage in Nova Scotia 3 hours away. But from now til then I will get my steps, track my eats, and get all the exercise i can muster!

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