One of my favorite quotes

I am busy, you are busy, we are ALL busy. The above quote is one of my very favorite quotes, one that i must read often in order to reiterate in my head, I am not too busy to reach my goals. I gotta eat, and I gotta move. If I am going to get anywhere, I might as well do both of those things correctly.

Tomorrow morning will be my weekly accountability post a day early, as I am leaving within a half hour of finishing work for Montreal (a 10 hour drive for us, but almost certainly stopping somewhere for the night about halfway). Have tracked EVERYTHING that has gone into my mouth, have hit my 10,000 steps everyday, got both planned resistance workouts (will do a third in the hotel Friday or Saturday along with hopefully a swim) . All in all, a good start.

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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