Weekly Accountability Post

Will be a short and quick post as I have a million things to do today before hitting the road for a road trip with our best friends immediately after work. Wife and I haven’t had the opportunity to travel a whole lot yet but now that we are soon to be empty nesters I hope to remedy that. We are staying out of province further than 2.5 hours away for the first time since taking the kids to Florida in 2010 (!!!) by going to see a Habs game in Montreal this weekend and leaving this afternoon when all four of us get off work!

So you can see there my weighins on my Fitbit Aria scale going back into February just for context. I am pleased with the weight trending down but obviously I know thats a combination of cleaning up my food, getting as much water as possible and mostly a loss of water weight. I simply get up every morning and weigh myself first thing and try not to get too attached to the results, just document it and move on.

I haven’t figured out a good way to display my eats in a blog postable way, and because I am posting these updates on Friday as often as I can, the weekly reports by my app of sends it weekly reports at the end of the week, so the days don’t really line up. I’ll figure that out. The good part is that I have tracked every single Morcel of food or drink that’s gone in my mouth and I am being more conscience of that. I am not cutting out any particular food just yet, just trying to eat reasonable portions and amounts. I am currently not eating after supper to get a little mini fast going each day of 12 hours or so. Mostly I am trying to avoid mindless eating, haha.

Now this weekend, I will track what I eat and drink but it will not be pretty. I will eat, drink and throw caution to the wind, because, we don’t get too do this often. I will walk as much as possible around Montreal, get in a swim /workout at hotel gym, I will enjoy my time, try to minimize the damage and make up for it next week!

I tried for ages to fix the photos I took this am to crop them down and put them in a postable format, but for whatever reason I am having issues. I will have to fix them when i get back and come back and edit this post.


Edit:  Here are my week 1 (10 days has past since the initial  photo as I had taken photos Monday March 11 but didn’t pull trigger on starting blog for real til 3 days later)



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