Week 2 Accountability Post

First of all, I need to be better at posting.  Just last week I made a post about “not having time” is not an excuse when i posted about my favourite quote from Henry Rollins, yet this week I did not  make the time to write.  I will be better in this regard.

After our mini vacation in Montreal last weekend (which was fantastic by the way), I took an extra day off on Monday even though we were not storm stayed or delayed by the bad weather.  I had booked the time off months ago in case of weather, and just took Monday off as a day to take out my new to me camera and go chase wildlife.  Out taking photos is what makes me happiest and even though I knew it would result in a crazy week at work, it was worth it.  After very long work days at the computer I simply did not want to sit and write.  However, as I said, I will be better at keeping the blog updated regularly!

So, to the accountability post….

What I am doing well:

  • Have tracked EVERY bite and drink i have put in my mouth since I started this blog
  • I am moving as much as possible.  My job is very sedentary and its easy to not move much if I am not careful.  Lots of steps, some resistance workouts with my dumbells and resistance bands, and also trying to squeeze in some stretching because all the sitting makes my back ache, and my hamstrings tight

What I can do better

  • I am still not getting enough sleep, while this last week was better than the first week still not where I want it to be.  I have been getting up as early as I can (between 515 and 6) to walk every morning and that means I need to get to bed earlier in order to get proper sleep.  I have also started leaving my devices out of the room at least 4 nights a week to help with getting better rest.  I am forever on my phone or iPad pro and I am trying to shut that down 4 or 5 nights a week after 8 pm.  Sadly not as easy as it sounds for me

  • write more often in here as I stated earlier.  This blog is not just a weight loss blog, its an avenue to do something I love, writing, and I want to do more of that, so I must MAKE the time.

Now the Progress Photo:

March 29th 2019 progress pic week 2.png

I am happy to get back down to roughly, give or take half a pound my weeks starting point from last week.  I ate and drank as one should on vacation, and enjoyed myself and was that nerd entering Vodka into my app, or meals at the restaurants.  This journey is not going to be about perfection for me, and I will live life.  I enjoy drinking (responsibly) once in a while with my wife (haven’t seen her drunk 10 times in 24 years together,she could not say the same lol) or with my buddies.

I look forward to the time that I don’t need to track every bite and I don’t need to force myself to be active and its just part of something I do.  I quite honestly do not enjoy working out like I once did.  Most of my joints hurt from years of sports, injuries, getting older, and just plain poor choices over my life.  That being said I want to build healthy habits so that I can be around for a long, long time.  So I can keep up with grandchildren one day.  But for now, I need to focus, and push myself to exercise and make good food/drink choices most of the time.  I am not striving to lose it all at once, but rather instill good habits so that I can make lasting change.

I hope you will continue to follow along on the journey!

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