Empty Nest and Aging

In a couple days, my wife and I are taking a couple vehicles and helping to move our youngest daughter into her first place.  She is moving into an apartment with her boyfriend a few hours away in the city that they both go to University in.  They got the keys earlier in the week and are both eager to start their life, a little bit seperate from their parents.

I have talked about this with a few of my friends recently who all have children younger than mine and they are all saying things like “Woh, where does the time go?”, “How do you feel about that?”,  “How old is she now?”.

My wife and I had our kids fairly young.  I am 46 and my wife is 43.  Our oldest girl is moving into her place on August 1st with her boyfriend.  We are still fairly young and will be empty nesters.  My wife and I are both excited for the empty nest but both also sad in a lot of ways.  The house will be too quiet, their will be less dishes and lights on and we will miss having the girls around without a doubt.

Having an empty nest is just another part of aging, getting older, and frankly a part of life.  You raise your kids doing the best you can, making the best decisions you can, teaching them as best you can, and ultimately hope you have helped provide them the tools to make it on thier own.  Our kids are both very mature and successful in thier schooling, and have been brought up to be very independant.  My wife made sure they could and did do thier own laundry growing up, could cook for themselves and be responsible with money.  I have no worries really in these areas.

For me, one thing I say to my friends alot, and think about alot is that when I look back on my childhood, it seems like it went on forever.  It seems endless, and now my kids “childhood” is behind them.  My girls are 19 in a few weeks and 22 in October, and its not out of the question that I could be a grandfather in the next five years or so…… how the heck is that possible?

I mentioned in one of my posts that while the early days of this blog will focus alot on health/exercise/weightloss but the purpose of this blog for me was to write about things I am interested in.  Something I think about alot is aging, the upcoming empty nest period of our lives and other things that people go through when they reach their mid 40’s and beyond.  I titled this blog “My Next Forty Years” because I want to talk about the things in my life that I hope for, things that are happening, and stuff life throws at me in the second part of my life.  I hope that you the reader find enough within these pages to follow along.


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