My 101 in 1001 Project

So today is the start of a 2.75 year project, my 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days.  A very neat coincidence is that day 1001 in Dec 31,st 2021, My birthday!  How cool is that.  I have started these list 3 or 4 times over the years one time getting about 52/53 crossed off the list, but never completing the list, this time I plan to stick it out.

I have broke it down into topics or areas of interest.  Some are big items and some are small items.  Some will be very challenging and others not so much.  I have spread the list out over my various interests and if nothing else trying to complete the list will give me stuff to write about!

I will create a seperate page up above in the menu bar and will list the goals out 1 to 101.  I cut and paste it into here but it split the items up starting over at 1 under each headline and I am too tired to change it at the moment.


  1. Weigh sub 240 lbs
  2. Weigh sub 220 lbs
  3. Weigh sub 200 lbs
  4. Weigh sub 180 lbs
  5. Sub 30 percent bodyfat
  6. Sub 25 percent bodyfat
  7. Sub 20 percent bodyfat
  8. Sub 15 percent bodyfat
  9. Sub 40 inch waist
  10. Sub 36 inch waist
  11. Complete a 12 week/90 day program by the book (bfl/p90x/whatever)
  12. 30 consecutive days no alcohol
  13. 60 consecutive days no alcohol (separate from previous)
  14. 100 consecutive days meal tracking
  15. 250 consecutive days 10000 steps a day (to beat my previous personal best 237 days from two years ago)
  16. 20 consecutive days of 20000 steps
  17. 50000 steps in a day (have done 40000 steps in a day once)
  18. Complete the 30 day plank challenge
  19. Complete the 30 day pushup challenge
  20. Complete the 30 days squat challenge
  21. Complete C5K challenge
  22. Complete a chinup


  1. Photograph 20 Sunrises
  2. Photograph 20 sunsets
  3. Sheffield Mills for the eagles
  4. Make 1000 dollars from photography
  5. Make 2000 dollars from photography
  6. Shoot a (paid) family photo session
  7. Sell 10 prints
  8. Purchase a full frame dslr
  9. Purchase a 70-200 2.8
  10. Get my landscape /wildlife website going
  11. Get my website overhauled
  12. Go through my photos and get my birding list updated
  13. Get birding lifer list to 100
  14. Get birding lifer list to 200
  15. Digitalize all photos
  16. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons
  17. Make a Photography separate 101 list for my photography site


  1. Back to Montreal with Nat
  2. Make Nat get her passport renewed
  3. Trip to states
  4. Vegas baby!
  5. Florida trip
  6. A weekend photography road trip to somewhere


  1. Finish Writing this list
  2. Complete the items in this list and start a new one!
  3. Blog post for each task completed
  4. Get 100 followers for the blog
  5. Get 250 followers for the blog
  6. Get 500 followers for the blog
  7. Link to 10 other 101 in 1001 bloggers
  8. Monetize the blog, even if it brings in 99 cents a month (lol)
  9. Blog daily for 30 consecutive days


  1. Hike 10 Trails in Fundy Park
  2. Photograph all the waterfalls in Fundy Park
  3. Bike to Trailer from home (about 30 KM)
  4. Hike 10 km in Kouchibouguac
  5. Hike to highest waterfalls in NB
  6. Ice Caves in Sussex
  7. Sunrise At Sussex Bluff trail
  8. Bike 10 KM in Saint Martins on Fundy Trail
  9. Drive the complete Fundy Trail
  10. Hike to Hayward Pinacle
  11. Snowshoe in and stay overnight to a “rustic” cabin in Fundy
  12. Kayak to Cocagne or Shediac island
  13. Run a 5k race
  14. Do a obstacle race (like foam fest)


  1. Do something GREAT for our 25th anniversary as couple in 2020
  2. Redo office/rip up carpet, sand floors, paint walls
  3. A gazebo for trailer deck
  4. Clean and organize shed (mice/rat proof containers.  We had some visitors, lol)
  5. Get both girls moved into their own apartments
  6. Host a BBQ at trailer for LBoys crew
  7. Get at least 10 of LBoys crew in one room for a gathering
  8. Get a couples massage (shes been asking me for YEARS)
  9. Spend 48 hours with no screens (computer/tablet/phone/tv)
  10. Complete a 30 day social media detox (no FB, twitter, instagram etc)
  11. Save 1001 dollars in change


  1. A 4wd vehicle
  2. A replacement NAS for entertainment (currently 3 tb mycloud)
  3. A NAS for all photography assets (photos/videos)
  4. A laptop
  5. Replacement iPhone (then stay on update EVERY TWO YEAR plan rather than yearly)
  6. Dual 27 or 32 inch monitors for iMac editing rig
  7. A “good” mountain or road bike


  1. Win a poker tournament
  2. Run a darts tournament
  3. Win a ring toss tournament
  4. Finish the three tomb Raider games with 70 percent achievements (non multiplayer)
  5. Throw a witnessed 180 in darts
  6. Throw a witnessed 18 dart or better game of 501
  7. Throw a witnessed 12 dart or better game of 301 DIDO
  8. Get the boys together for a game of Risk (been talking about this for ten years)
  9. Watch All of Game of Thrones (never seen an episode)
  10. Read all the remaining Michael Connelly H Bosch books I haven’t read
  11. Read 25 books
  12. See all the MCU movies (I am way behind)
  13. Make a playlist of my personal favourite 100 songs
  14. Influence one person to make their own 101 list
  15. influence 1 person to do their own physical transformation

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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