Week 3 Accountability Post

Well, if we go only by the scale, it does not look good. Thankfully I am not focusing ONLY on the scale.

Let’s go through the Bad for the week first. This was not a good eating week. I did not drink enough water, I drank with my friends on Saturday night playing darts (a practice of cutting loose with my friends once a month or so that will not be going away, when there is no drama its something I really look forward to ), and didn’t eat enough of the right foods.

Activity/exercise wise, it’s been a good week. I got 2 resistance days in (should be 3) but I walked a tonne again. I am walking by 6 am most days, and walk on my lunch and after work. I work from home sitting at a computer for 7.5-11 hours a day, and if i am not careful i can get less than 2000 steps in a day if I am lazy/its raining/snowing whatever. However the weather is warming up, except for the freak storm we had mid week, and the snow is going away so it helps with my get up and go when it comes to moving my butt.

My weight went up a little each day this week as you can see below. I am trying to just step on my Fitbit scale each morning, record the weight and move on with my day. Not get too up or down with the result and realize this is a long haul. I am thinking in terms of weight what I can do in a year. NEXT SUMMER I want to weigh 180 or below, with 16 percent body fat or below. In order for me to get there, I need to exercise 5-6 days a week, walk/hike all I can and most importantly make good food choices MOST of the time.

I noticed that my pants have been a lot looser over the past couple days despite what the scale is showing. Sure enough i measured my waist yesterday and it measured 47.5, while still dangerously large, that is the lowest measurement I have seen in a very long time and 5 inches down from March 11th, 2019. So it wasn’t all bad this week. I am truly just trying to think of the scale measurement as one part of the puzzle and focus on making good healthy decisions in my activity levels and my eating choices everyday, and if I can scrape together more good days than bad over the next year and a bit, I will get to where I want. The real goal here is setting myself up to be able to be healthy and active for the second half of my life. Keeping that in mind will help in not getting to high or low when things go well or there are small hiccups. It’s the long run that I am thinking about.

I will modify this post later in the day with the progress photos for the week and the step count post.


Here are my week 3 accountability photos and my steps for last week:

April 5th week 3 progress photo collageIMG_5316.jpg

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