Moving day and halfway to empty nest

Today was a big day in the Leighton family. Our youngest girl was moving out on her own with her boyfriend. She’s always been way more mature than her age and I always suspected once she left for school she would t be back!

Here’s a few iPhone photos from the day.

Leaving before dawn

Pulling up on campus

The happy couple sitting in their living room before the truck got there

Grandmother and new happy apartment dweller

Living room coming together

One third of my whole world

Another view of dining area

The move went great and I am happy for Claire and her boyfriend. They are great kids and eager to get started on their life. Thank god she is way more mature than I was at that age and I am confident that they will enjoy the freedom and step up to the challenges that come with living alone for the first time.

As for me I am enjoying a well earned drink of Jack Daniels and headed to bed early tonight. Getting up at five to go chase sunrises and wild life!

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