Moving my Accountability posts to Mondays

Hey guys, just a quick note today. Starting this coming Monday I will be moving my accountability posts to this coming Monday. The reasons are a couple fold for this move. 1. I use loseit, a website/app to track my food and the reports come out Monday morning. This will give me a better way to share the break down of what I am eating here on the blog. I am doing well as far as tracking, I have accounted for every calorie and everything I have eaten and drank (alcohol included) over the last 4 weeks in lose it. No cheating. But I haven’t liked how I can share the results of this in my blog to add an extra layer of accountability by posting my report that is emailed to me on Monday’s. The second reason is an even bigger reason for me personally however.

Having my accountability photos/post on Friday’s has led to a kind of binging/easing up of my diet on Friday/Sat/Sun as I had a week to undo the damage. It’s a me issue, and I fully admit that. I have tracked every single bite or drink just the same even when I went away for a weekend getaway a few weeks ago, but I still eased up. Facing a Monday morning weighin will help. Every day counts.

In 34 days I will be spending my weekends at the trailer and with that will come beer on my patio deck , and chips and whatever, and this will present its challenges but I am bound and determined to not let trailer season derail me. The Monday morning accountability posts will help I believe.

Here’s a couple of screenshots, which i will post updated ones on Monday. I did take my weekly progress photos this am, but they are not cropped etc and blog ready. I will take new ones Monday morning. Also I took full body measurements at the beginning of this blog, maybe I will take a look at those as well on Monday to see if there is any progress there.

Also last thing before the screenshots, this week was absolutely crazy work wise. When i spend long days at work on my computer in my home office the last thing i want to do is go on my personal computer to write a blog post. I must get better at getting out some blog content. I like to write, and I have to make time to do it.

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