Sunday Photography outing

As I did last Sunday, it will be a post short on words but lots of photos!  Before I watched the Masters and “A Comeback for the Ages” by Tiger Woods, I left the house at 5 am to go shoot the sunrise 45 min away and chase (with a camera) wildlife.

First Monday accountability post coming tomorrow.  I had a horrible weekend food wise.  I kept my 31 days tracking food streak going, and 31 days of 10000 steps or more but I did not make good food choices at all this weekend.  No excuses I could have made better choices.  I turned a 22 wedding anniversary meal at the Keg Friday night into a kind of free for all food wise.  I tracked it all but I expect to be 245 or more tomorrow.  Time to tighten up the eating.  Challenging food week ahead this week, with my Poker League that I host finals on Friday, then a meal for my daughters University graduation on Saturday.  Need to tighten it up Monday through Thursday, and be reasonable on Friday/Sat.

Now on to the photos!



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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Photography outing

  1. I always admire the quality of your shots, you have a keen eye and the innate ability to be in the right place at the right time, that’s not luck that’s talent


    1. Thanks buddy, there is definitely a lot of luck in wildlife photography. I have had days where I spent 80 dollars in gas, drove around for 10 hours and didn’t take 10 photos. The trick is learning where things are, to a degree their habits, and putting yourself in position as often as you can to be there to attempt the shot.


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