Finally, Trailer day!

Another crazy week at work, a successful second week of my Body for Life 12 week challenge, and best of all we are staying at the trailer tonight!!

So the weather isn’t really, “trailer weather” its cold and wet/rainy, but we are going anyway. Our trailer is our favourite place in the world and we are going because we can! We got power and heat, so off we go. Regularly, we would be staying until Monday morning, but we are actually coming home tomorrow because we are going with our best friends to a Tragically Hip cover band tribute show tomorrow night in town, so we are coming in for that. We had gotten the tickets before we knew we would be able to stay at the trailer a week early. Woo! Can’t wait.

I had a migraine this week that lasted nearly 36 hours, but thankfully it was my first migraine in a few months. I have struggled with migraines for 30 years, and have had stretches where I would have them 20 of 30 days a month for a while there in 2010-2012 but they have normalized now to 3-4 times a year. They get so bad I am sick to my stomach and fighting off nausea the whole time, but it finally broke yesterday morning and I was able to double up on my missed workout Wednesday and do two workouts yesterday.

I will be back to the blog on Sunday with either some photos of the day or something else. As I said I am working to get myself into a writing groove of at least 3 posts a week and then go from there. Have a great weekend!

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Works in IT, working to regain good health.

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