Weekly accountability post for May 20th 2019

Uggggh so I missed my Accountability post last week even though I took the loseit and fitbit screenshots and took my Accountability progress photos I just never took the time to make the post. I will make the post and back date it just the same to keep a record of it.

This week:


Huge (for me) NSV today. After my LBWO today I was grabbing some Jeans to change into after my shower and couldn’t find either of the two pair that I have been rotating of late because I can’t fit in anything else. I have several pairs of jeans that hadn’t fit in the last couple years that I would just throw into the “someday i’ll get back in these pile”. Well out of curiousity i grabbed two pair and tried them on without looking at the waist size. One pair went on fine and I am wearing them now. The second pair i tried on and while they are not quite ready to wear (i was muffin topping out of the top) I got them fastened no problem.
I have been wearing size 44 for the last 18 months. These two pairs of pants were 40 and 38!!! I am over the moon. Things are happening!
I must get better with writing in my blog as I do best when I journal.  Maybe its time to take this public, which in my world means post it on facebook….haha.  We’ll see.

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